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Slab Leak

Southern California Slab Leak

Slab leaks can cause issues if they are not fixed by a professional. They are leaks beneath the floor or the slabs in a home which can cause immense damage if they go unchecked. A slab leak can be detected visually by wet spots on the floor and if you have seen something similar in your home, it is advised that you call us right away.

Detecting slab leak requires expertise and experience. There are certain modern day tools like a slab leak detector which are also used to ascertain where the leak is. Therefore it is advised that you hire someone who has been fixing slab leaks for long and Arneson & Sons’s is definitely the right candidate for such a job.

We have been in the business of fixing leaks for more than 27 years now. In all this while, we have served homes and commercial areas equally. We specialize in under slab leak detection which is why we can quickly find out where the leak and can also fix it in a jiffy. You should call us immediately when you find the floor leaking instead of trying to fix it yourself as you might end up doing more damage.

The foundation might need to be tore up when it comes to slab leaks but we try our best to fix the issue without having to dig up the floor of your home. Given the advanced tools that we use, we can find out the place of leak with precision. Then we fix the leak using the standard methods.

If you ignore a slab leak, it is quite possible that you would get a huge water bill in no time. So do not let it add to your financial burden instead call us and get it fixed right away.